A Comprehensive Timeline of Jennifer, Perhaps the Greatest Love Story of Our Time

2002: Sparks Fly – Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez meet on the set of the film “Gigli” and sparks immediately fly. Their on-screen chemistry spills over into real life, igniting a passionate and highly publicized romance.

2003: The Engagement – In November, Ben Affleck proposes to Jennifer Lopez with a stunning 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring. The world watches in awe as the power couple prepares to tie the knot.

2004: Postponed Wedding and Breakup – Despite plans for a lavish wedding, Bennifer postpones their nuptials just days before the ceremony, citing excessive media attention. In January 2004, they announce their split, marking the end of an era.

2005-2021: Separate Paths – In the years following their breakup, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pursue separate relationships and careers. Both marry and divorce other partners, experiencing highs and lows in their personal lives and careers.

2021: The Reunion – After nearly two decades apart, rumors swirl as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are spotted spending time together following Lopez’s breakup with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The world erupts with excitement as Bennifer 2.0 becomes a reality.

2022: Officially Back Together – In May, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez make their highly anticipated red carpet debut as a couple at the Venice Film Festival. The public rejoices as Bennifer solidifies their reunion, proving that true love can indeed stand the test of time.

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